True Grit ZA Branded Apparel

South Africa

Our Products

We purchase from other SA suppliers where we know all the garments we obtain are supporting other local businesses.

The vast majority of TGZA printing is done DTG (direct-to-garment). Although more expensive, DTG printing is unmatched in print quality, colours are brighter and resolution is crisp and clear. As a brand that focuses on quality, we could simply not compromise on delivering to you, the TRUE GRIT client, a premium and long-lasting product. Our printing is also done locally!


Our branded products are carefully quality inspected before being packaged and sent to our customers. We have a strict quality assessment checklist so we know that once a garment is in it's bag and sealed by us, it is 100% approved to be sent to you. Because of this process, please be advised that TRUE GRIT has a "limited returns" policy, we will accept stock to be returned if the fault is ours, i.e. we sent the wrong goods or there is a fault with the goods. We will not accept returns on worn goods or items which have been damaged due to negligence. Please ensure that you check the measurements on the sizing charts and compare them to your favourite garment at home to see if they are close enough or spot on.

Garment Care

WASHING INSTRUCTIONS for fabrics are given by the manufacturers on the garment tags, but please note that any of our printed garment should always be cold-washed, hung to dry away from direct sunlight (NEVER put into a dryer) and ironed INSIDE OUT. Bleach should also NEVER be used on printed garments. This is the industry norm for all other printed garments from other manufacturers.

It is also recommend that you wash dark garments once before wearing it for the first time, This is to remove any impurities and/or printing residue. A slight odour from the printer pre-treatment station may also be present until the garment is washed.


Photos of garments are a very accurate guide, but not always the EXACT finished product, which may differ very slightly (only in exact print placement and/or colour reproduction). Not all digital devices produce the same colours so please allow for slight rendering variances in colour prints compared to what you see on your phone/tablet/laptop etc. The pictures offered on the website and social media will be very close to what you will receive and in most cases, don't do the product justice!ll TRUE GRIT ZA branding designs are the intellectual property of the Fredericks Heath (Pty) Ltd. company and any attempt to reproduce them will be considered a violation of our pending trademark registration. This includes digital copies and downloads of any artwork on this website and/or other web-based or social media platforms.